Most of you have watched in movies the most luxurious and grander walk-in closet, neatly organised with designer clothes. Which makes you wish for a walk-in closet or walk-in wardrobe- which is the crown of all storage options. The walk-in closet has enough space to walk into and organise it. Usually, fashion lovers like to have their walk-in closet almost as big as the size of their master bedroom.

A walk-in closet is quite popular in India due to its convenience and spacious features. This walk-in closet provides additional space which makes it easier to get ready faster which makes it easy to easily sort and navigate through the items. 

10 walk-in closet design ideas

Building a dream walk-in closet needs a few smart and practical ideas. Here are the 10 creative solutions to try out:

1. Transform your extra room into a closet:

Create your customised fashion boutique at your home with a walk-in closet in your spare room. Accompanied by thoughtful designs, ensure a spacious and elegant walk-in closet is multifaceted. It can be used as a dressing room as well. Design effectively with a dedicated space for each thing right from bags, dresses, shoes, and scarves. You can choose a mix of either wall-mounted cabinets or floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Never miss ensuring whether there is good lighting in your wardrobe. Design a customised and spacious that works best for you. 

2. Make corners work as closets:

Change any awkward or tight corner into a walk-in closet with a customised design and efficient lighting. Since there will not be much space, try out creative ideas for storage like wicker baskets, modular shelving. Use a sliding door to maximise the space usage.

3. A reach-in wardrobe to your dream walk-in closet:

Remove the doors from the existing closet to have an instant walk-in closet. Add more shelves if needed without redesigning the entire closet. 

4. Try a cubby closet:

A cubby walk-in closet can be built in innumerable ways but still, a wooden cubby closet is a classy and trendy option. Add wooden panelling to create a shop-like feel with enhanced style and glamour. This design makes you thrilled to know all those pretty clothes just belong to you!

5. Let there be enough light:

A closet needs enough light whether it is a spacious closet or a narrow type closet. Lights make the purpose of a walk-in closet. Good lighting adds comfort to your closets. You can try out a creative choice of lights because your dream closet deserves incredible ones.

Instead of overhead lights go for LED or pendant lights. The pendant light gives an artistic feel whereas LED lights give the perfect radiance. A great idea to use the strip lights to the sides of the mirrors to add more glamour to your dream closet.

6. An island in your closet:

Consider an island in your closet if you have enough space. You will get extra storage space with drawers in the island closet and also use a tabletop as a dressing table. With restricted space, you can even try the island by partitioning the available space into two for better organisation.

7. Create a feature wall for your personalised possessions:

This design idea works well with spacious as well as small-sized closets. Try a 3D feature wall that gives a trendy and stylish look. Enhances maximum storage and experiment with colours to add an extra impact.

8. Minimalist design can be wonderful:

Creating your dream walk-in closet with a minimalist design works well when you keep it simple and neat. Use the entire wall space you have and build shelves in open and closed designs. Use the open shelves to showcase your essential belongings whereas use the closed shelves to keep your secret things. You can use a simple, small inviting walk-in closet as an add-on.

9. A chest of drawers to your closets:

Your dream walk-in closet is incomplete without a chest of drawers. It gives sufficient storage ideas and also gives an elegant well-organised design to your dream closet. Dressers place things in an organised manner since each drawer ends up holding a particular item, this prevents your closet from messing up whenever you get ready. Use ready-made dressers or a customised design based on your available space.

10. Vertical space is your friend:

Use vertical space to reduce the mess in your closet all the time. Try open shelves, cabinets, and hangers wherever there are possible options. Customise your closet with personalised colours, wallpaper ideas, and the use of accessories. A small and compact walk-in closet works well in city homes instead of a cramped wardrobe. Use a clever space utilisation design to your dream closet which plays a vital role. Try an interior designer to create a stunning and glamorous walk-in closet to impress the space to keep your extra special outfits well organised and stylish. 

Lightings for your walk-in closets

The beauty of LED designs is that you can light them wherever you need. Place the light to the centre of your room and angle the light to your storage option as desired. Use different light fittings to create different outputs based on your moods- such as Ankur Felix Mini Downlight adds depth and ambience to spaces. The benefit of LED lighting is that it does not create any sort of heat even if you can put them close to your delicate items without causing any damages.

You can add light to the exquisite items of clothing or jewellery without the fear of damage. Choose a superior quality of light that inspires you to wear your clothes due to your wardrobe lighting. Use lighting for special areas and collections to bring it back to life.

Benefits of an architectural lighting design

Architectural lighting designs not only work for the wardrobe but can also be integrated into a robe space building. The advantage is that it does not need your entire room to light it up, instead, you can localise your lights and make it work where you need them. Ensure a perfect result for your dream walk-in closet with lighting designers.