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Article: Using Lighting as a Selling Strategy

Using Lighting as a Selling Strategy - Ankur Lighting

Using Lighting as a Selling Strategy

Opening up a retail store comes with a lot of different priorities and questions; who are your target consumers? Which products do you want on display to attract more people? What should the interior look like?

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When designing and setting up your store, lighting can be used to draw more customers just by a sheer display of wonder. While one might think that ambient lighting only makes the shop more flamboyant, it is important to view things from a consumer’s standpoint. Good lighting that emphasizes the importance and beauty of the products can help you increase your sales.

So, it never is a bad idea to invest in impressive decorative lights. However, it is crucial to understand what the fundamentals are of lighting up space, or else you will be left with a mindless clutter of light that might not turn out to be appealing at all.

Let us look at the few basic steps to understanding how to light up a retail store efficiently.

Know your customers:

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You have probably heard and seen a lot of articles, business professionals, and mentors say the importance of knowing what your target consumer thinks. And they’re right! It is key to know your market and buyers. When it comes to lighting, you have to know what kind of mood you want to set. For starters, our ambient lighting like CB Ultra Slim Square Panel Light is perfect. Whether you want to make the customer feel spacious or nostalgic and warm; where do you want to divert your customer’s eye and why should they visit your store? Stepping into your buyer’s shoes and planning your store will help you get clearer ideas for designs and what kinds of lighting fixtures you want to use.

Types of lights:

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There are hundreds and millions of lighting fixtures available which are meant for different intents and uses. A spotlight like our ATL Lisca Recessed Downlight will be used to emphasize a certain product while a decorative chandelier like our 27 LP Firefly Chandelier will add glamour to your setting. To know what type of lighting should go where a deep understanding of your architecture is vital. For a good-looking and inviting aura, a balance between the hard and soft lights is crucial. Hard lights such as spots and tracks are useful for spaces like trial rooms and billing areas so that the customer can see their fit and choice of color under appropriate lighting. However, take care that your space doesn’t turn monotonous and has an interesting design to offer to the eye. At every corner. This can be achieved by a combination of different lights from lamps to ceiling lights.

Setting up the mood:

To establish a comforting aura, it is very important to understand color temperature. A warmer color temperature will make a person feel nostalgic and comforted while a cooler color temperature proves to enhance the spaciousness of a room. So, if you want to make your space seem larger, add a cooler color temperature to your setting. Or if you wish for something which looks elegant and inviting, warm color temperature is what you need when it comes to lighting.

For a better understanding of how to light up a store, it becomes important to know the four basics of lighting in retail stores. To understand the different ways to light up a retail store, check out our article here.

LED and florescent:

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Many current retailers are looking forward to more LEDs rather than fluorescent lights merely for energy efficiency, comfortable sizes, and intense illumination. LED lights create an impressive style for accent lighting and can help you gain the best possibilities from your retail store. However, linear fluorescent lights are good for the overall ambient lighting of a store. In such ways, you can manage good lighting and nail the interior look by creating impressive contrasts and lighting up space in the right spots in the right manner.

These are the basics and general pointers to understand how to light up your store to your advantage. And for a better and more effective look, it is always a good idea to experiment and deal with the requirements of your customers to meet their expectations. Create contrasts and add decorative lights which do not just stand out but complement an entire space to add to the splendor of your setting. With a well-designed interior and controlled lighting solutions, you will be able to make your space more comfortable and attract more customers.

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