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Article: Tips to buy chandeliers online in 2022

Tips to buy chandeliers online in 2022 - Ankur Lighting

Tips to buy chandeliers online in 2022

Hanging a chandelier in a room can instantly elevate the aesthetic value of the space. On the other side, you should first determine whether or not it will work in the room before you buy a chandelier. If you want to find the ideal chandelier for your home, where do you even begin? To learn out, read this article.

To a home, a chandelier is one of the few things that can instantly convey an air of sophistication. Chandeliers, whether great works of art or modest yet exquisite light fixtures have a way of making any space feel more cheerful.

Crystal Chandelier

Selecting the right crystal chandelier for the dining room may do wonders for the atmosphere. A crystal ceiling chandelier will elevate the beautiful touch of elegance to your bedroom. However, to get the best from a chandelier, it is essential to grasp what to check for when making a purchase.

An expensive chandelier is a major purchase that requires careful consideration. It isn't the kind of choice you can take on the spur of the moment. However, it can be simple enough.


Here is a complete guide on buying a chandelier that will complement your home's decor.

Different Types of Crystal Light Fixtures

When searching for a chandelier, it is easy to get lost in the variety of options for lights and frames. It's about more than just adding aesthetic value to your house. You need to shop for a chandelier that fits your size, design, and aesthetic needs.


Chandeliers can take on a wide variety of aesthetic forms. When purchasing a chandelier from Ankur Lighting, you may be amazed by the styles, sizes, and materials available. Keep the following in mind as you try to narrow down your choices.


Chandeliers can range from simple ceiling lights to ornate glass boxes suspended from the ceiling. Cluster chandeliers are another option; they are like a contemporary take on classic crystal chandeliers. Chandeliers like the drum, empire, and island varieties are also available. Some designs grab everyone's attention, while others blend in more subtly.



There are so many chandeliers; how are you supposed to choose? Considering the current furnishings in your home will help you determine which options will work best. Glass globe chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and chandeliers with an empire style are all great options for luxurious interiors. Sophistication and grace are their intended purposes.


A chandelier, including a wagon wheel, a lantern, or a drum, is more likely to inspire feelings of warcozyand cozy than elegance. These are perfect for vintage-inspired or French-inspired country manors.

Then there's the issue of whether or not a chandelier would look out of place in a shabby chic or industrial you should consider the architecture if you need help determining which chandeliers will look best in your home texture.

The Right Size and Weight for a Chandelier

When shopping for a chandelier, it's essential to consider not just how it will look but also how it will function. Among these, weight is the most crucial. No matter how lovely something may be, it's not the best option if it won't fit in your house. 

Consider where and how you want to put your new chandelier. Think about whether or not the size of your ideal chandelier is feasible. If it doesn't work in a specific room, you might have to make changes accordingly.

Where to put your new piece of decor

The common misconception is that chandeliers are only appropriate for sophisticated dining and spacious living rooms. That's not all of them; there are more. More and more people are installing chandeliers in their bedrooms and stairways.

The Dining Room and Kitchen

Chandeliers are typically associated with grand dining rooms, but their practical benefits to kitchens are often ignored. It is an important consideration, especially if the kitchen has a layout allowing easy access to other areas.

Take a moment to picture two minimalist modern chandeliers hanging over your kitchen island or a single stunning chandelier that draws your attention the moment you enter the room. Imagine yourself cooking and hosting dinner parties here under your beautiful chandelier.


For aesthetics, some chandeliers are designed to be showcased, while others are supposed to be enjoyed privately. For example, consider the lighting in your bedroom. Your bedroom serves as your private retreat within a vast residence. 


It's the one place you and your spouse can both relax and be yourself. An ornate chandelier might not be appropriate here, but a simple, soothing one can be suitable. Keep this in mind next time when you are lying in bed staring at the ceiling.

Foyer Adornment

Do you want people to be impressed the minute they walk in the door? If your entryway is open, use this space as much as possible. You should place a chandelier in the entrance hall to wow your guests. Remember that the chandelier must be hung at the correct height above the floor. 

When hanging a chandelier in a foyer, ensure it is at least 7 feet above the floor. Chandeliers in single-story homes can be hung even higher from the ceiling, while those in multi-story homes should be hung at the same height as the second floor.

Even if a specific relative or friend has visited your home many times before, this will still stand out. They will continue to be impressed every time they visit.

Let Your Fantasy Chandeliers Light Up Your Life

The time has come to make your long-held desire to purchase a chandelier a reality. If you want your new chandelier delivered quickly, you need to get started on the procedure as soon as possible, even if you are still in the research step or saving money. Explore the Ankur Lighting Chandelier collection to find the best pick for your home!

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