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Article: Indirect lighting ideas to transform your home

Indirect lighting ideas to transform your home

Good home lighting will enhance the aura and beauty of your home lights. Lights tend to add a dimension to your space and grab attention to your impressive home decor features. Ankur’s stylish light fixtures add decorative elements to your home. Illumination lights up your home and interiors. 

Wonderful interiors are incomplete without illumination and accent indirect lighting styles. Illumination perfectly blends with the indirect lights and offers effective lighting solutions to both interiors as well as exteriors. Use indirect lighting ideas to elevate your home decor to the next level.

Indirect lighting system

Indirect lighting is growing popular in both residential as well as at workspaces. In indirect lighting the source of the light is usually hidden and where the light spreads through reflection. The light is usually directed upwards and gets reflected from a wall or ceiling. 

Some of the typical examples of indirect lighting are secret lighting bands, upwards lighting fixtures, decorative wall lights, and much more. Indirect lighting provides a pleasant ambience that makes you feel good and also you can frame your entire room with light. 

A long and shadow-free indirect lighting design gives you an extra sense of spaciousness to your home's space. Make use of fluorescent lamps or LED strips in your indirect lighting for energy saving. Further, you can use bare lights or customized light profiles as per your requirement. Bare light sources are available at a cheaper cost with a wide range of benefits.

Living room lighting design

The living room is engaged with a wide variety of activities like reading, playing, watching television, and so on. Add a layered lighting design which is the perfect choice for creating the best illuminations in a spacious living room. 

The best possible indirect lighting idea for ambient illumination is adding cove lights with task lights. Make use of accent lights to showcase your artwork, valuables, or any other interior decor elements. Enhance your false ceilings with indirect lighting designs which add more aesthetics to your room space.

Bedroom lighting design

With proper lighting design, you can change your bedroom into an area of relaxation and enjoy a more comfortable and soothing feel. One of the finest choices for your bedroom is the task lighting for your side table or wardrobe. Table lamps are one of the widely used light sources in bedrooms. 

Alternative to the traditional lighting style you can pick out a luxury headboard design that is embedded with the table lamps. For reading purposes, you can go for an Ankur's pendant light or wall-mounted lighting fixtures with adjustable arms for better convenience. To illuminate your wardrobe go for recessed lighting fixtures.

Lighting design for your dining room

Add a perfect choice of lighting to your dining room to create a pleasant ambience. Add elegance to your dining space with a series of pendant lights or with amazing chandeliers from Ankur. Install a dimmer to your focal point of the room to control the brightness to set the mood perfectly. 

You can even try out personalized paper pendant lights or fabric lights for your dining room which are available with a wide-ranging choice of colours and design patterns. Even recessed lights are an excellent choice for your dining room to provide ambient lighting or focus.

Kitchen lighting designs

Choose perfect kitchen lighting with a blend of both ambient lighting as well as task lighting. In the case of the kitchen cabinet lighting is a convenient lighting option for your home kitchen. These under cabinet lights offer additional lights for your kitchen counters to ease more comfort. 

Go for ceiling-mounted lamps or recessed light to enhance the natural light during the daytime. When under lighting cabinet reflects light it simply enhances the presence of the kitchen counters which in turn maximize the overall look of the kitchen.

Bathroom lighting designs

Some of the most common lighting fixtures for bathrooms are the central light fixture and the light placed just above the mirror. Enhance the look and feel of your modern bathrooms with cabinet lighting, and stylish wall sconces on either side of the washbasin mirror. Make use of these smart lighting ideas to avoid shadows on your face when the lighting fixtures are placed just above the mirror.

Outdoor lighting designs

Brighten up the outdoor areas in your home which includes a balcony, garden, and much more with the right lighting options. Go for Ankur's floor lamps in the case of a spacious balcony which was generally available in different styles and design patterns. 

You can choose energy-efficient hanging lanterns for your outdoor spaces which are pocket friendly and compliment any kind of home decor. Enhance your ambience with string lights or fairy lights, especially during festive seasons or special occasions.

Create the right ambience with perfect lighting tricks

When you plan for layered lighting in your home space it becomes essential to know more about the impact of the bulb's lighting intensity. To achieve the desired brightness choose the right lighting and fixtures with better intensity. 

Pick the light colours accordingly to enhance the overall light and ambience of your room space. A white or blue light source of light suits perfectly for reading or any other activities whereas a warmer like yellow promotes relaxation and offers a soothing feel. Choose the right light colours while planning lighting designs for your space. 

Go for lighting fixture designs that perfectly blend with your home interiors to boost the overall look and feel of your home. Make use of natural light through large windows or skylights along with artificial lighting fixtures for a well-illuminated house.

Transform the space of your dreams with indirect lighting with its full potential. Lighting is more capable of controlling the ambience in your home. Choose indoor LED strips or floor lamps with dimming functions to increase or decrease the brightness depending on your mood. Indirect lighting ideas work well with any interior and they provide a soothing feel. They simply enhance the beauty of the interiors as well as adds a pleasant ambience with a more pleasing personality.

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