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Article: How To Design The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

How To Design The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

As summer approaches, outdoor kitchens will get ready to come back to life with barbeque nights and whatnot. Warmer temperatures and later sunsets encourage dining outdoors, but poor lighting can ruin the experience. It's difficult to tell if food is done when you can't see it. For this reason, you should consider illuminating your outdoor kitchen and dining area. Here are a few things to remember if you want your dinner parties to go late into the night.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

There are three factors to consider when picking lighting for an outdoor kitchen. Before putting in new lights or replacing existing ones, there are three key considerations: climate, electrical infrastructure, and aesthetics.

1. The Climate

Your lighting needs to be waterproof. Wherever you may be located, the lights must be able to survive the toughest weather conditions. Plastic fixtures are more affordable initially, but they wear out quickly and must be replaced frequently. Always ensure that the lighting you purchase is suitable for outdoor usage.

2. Electrical Infrastructure

When designing the lighting for your outdoor kitchen, keep your specific requirements in mind. In addition to the lights, you'll also have outdoor audio equipment and kitchen gadgets.

The potential for a circuit to become overloaded is diminished when multiple ones are available. The outdoor lighting installation should be left to a professional electrician or lighting firm. They have all the expert advice you need to set up a functional outdoor kitchen.

3. Aesthetics

Your outdoor kitchen's ambience relies heavily on its lighting. It can change the impression of space from cosy and inviting to chilly and forbidding. Pick a look that works with the current aesthetic of your house.

Five Types of Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Let's talk about the various lighting options now. It's up to you to figure out what kind of outdoor kitchen lighting you want, as there is a large variety available; nonetheless, here are five of the most common possibilities.

1. Lighting for Kitchen and Bar Counters

Good outdoor kitchens have well-lit countertops and bars. Even the best bars avoid working in the dark because of the dangers involved in tasks like slicing zucchini with a sharp knife or mixing spirits.

It's essential to have adequate lighting in any location where food or drinks are being prepared or served to guests. Overhead lighting along the perimeter of counters and bar tops is a terrific way to add visual appeal.

2. Lighting for Stairs and Steps

When designing your outside space, remember the steps. Illuminated stairways with LED Strip lights are more secure and may also be a design focal point. The guests are virtually compelled to climb the stone stairway adorned with alluring lighting that leads to the cooking area. If your staircase is made of wood, another option is to put in recessed floor lights. 

LED Strip Lights

3. Wall Lights

Wall Lights

Outdoor kitchens close to the home benefit greatly from wall lights because they provide a convenient light source without taking up valuable floor space. As a bonus, they help you find peace in any space you may be in by adjusting the placement of a few strategically positioned fixtures. Wall lights will bring out the beauty of your home's structure while illuminating your cooking space.

Wall Lights

4. Cabinet Lighting

Lighting the undersides provides an additional illumination layer because counter-edges can obstruct overhead lights, leaving everything below them in the dark. Also, remember that LED strip lighting is the best option for under-counter illumination. Because they don't produce UV light, insects aren't drawn to LEDs. 

LED Strip Lights

5. Pathway Lighting

Path lighting is a vital safety component, just like stair lighting, for the same reason. They lessen the possibility that visitors will hurt themselves on uneven ground or accidentally enter the vegetable garden. 

LED Strip Lights

We should also appreciate the aesthetic value. The plants and brickwork along the path will seem much more impressive when illuminated by the lights. You may make a magical pathway through the night by strategically placing some lights. It's a simple yet compelling method for lifting spirits.

Your outdoor kitchen is a place to cook and have people over, but if you need the right lighting, your night could be ruined by undercooked meat and guests falling asleep. Lighting that is both functional and beautifully designed has the power to completely alter the atmosphere of your outdoor kitchen, making it a fantastic place for parties and gatherings. 

Pathway Lighting

By choosing the right lighting for your outdoor kitchen, you can create a warm, inviting atmosphere that will keep your guests comfortable and allow you to enjoy the evening. The kind of lighting that works best for your outdoor kitchen depends on several factors, including the size and layout of your space and the type of activities you plan to do in your outdoor kitchen. Based on the size and layout of your outdoor kitchen, you can choose from a wide range of lighting options from Ankur Lighting.

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