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Article: A Guide on Decorative Lighting for Luxurious Banquet Halls

A Guide on Decorative Lighting for Luxurious Banquet Halls - Ankur Lighting

A Guide on Decorative Lighting for Luxurious Banquet Halls

There is perhaps no space quite as elegant and luxurious as a well-designed banquet hall. Hosting weddings, parties and other high-profile events, banquet halls are required to be at the top of the game when it comes to decoration.

Over the years, lighting has cemented itself as one of the most important decorative aspects of events. Wchen done right, lighting has this stunning ability to set the perfect ambience for any occasion. 

Decorative lighting can take this a step further, enhancing the décor and making it shine. Introducing a sense of personality as well as character, conveying the theme and drawing attention, decorative lighting does it all. Without further ado, let’s take a look at a few decorative lighting ideas for banquet halls. 

The Wow Factor

Product: Ankur Zenith Baccarat Style Black Crystal Chandelier.

Possibly the most absolute depiction of decorative lighting in a banquet hall is a chandelier. Strikingly extravagant lighting options such as Ankur 15 Light Vegas Golden Crystal Chandelier are statement pieces that provide ambient light. They come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate differing ceiling lengths and décor placements, so options can be found for any aesthetic. It is thus important to pick a chandelier that complements the elements of your hall’s décor, as well as provides the type of lighting you’re looking for. 

Style with Functionality

Product: Ankur Round Wu Layered Sparkling Crystal Chandelier with LED.

Along with chandeliers, multiple wall sconces are often installed in a banquet hall to bounce light off the top, an old trick used to make a space look larger. Sconces like Ankur 2 Light U-Shaped Rose Gold / Copper Plated Wall Sconce are detailed, decoratively styled and add to the visual appeal of the hall. They can provide both ambient and accent lighting.


Ever wondered what makes tables at a wedding look so enticing from afar? No, we’re not talking about the food! Pin spots have become commonplace in most events across the board nowadays. They are useful in decoratively lighting up tables, flowers, centrepieces and more.

Pendant lights provide a slightly modest alternative to chandeliers. They usually consist of multiple fixtures installed above tables or other places you’d place a chandelier in a banquet hall. The illumination coming from the top of the table and not the side prevents the casting of unappealing shadows on plates. 

A Touch of Creativity

Typically availed of at outdoor events, fairy lights or market lights are perfectly capable of livening up your banquet hall and provide it with something different. These oh so pretty lighting options effortlessly create a hint of whimsy and magic and add an intimate feel to any event.

Into The Spotlight

Stage lighting equipment such as spotlights, moving head beams, head washes and face lighting are now becoming regular features in banquet halls. 

Moving head beams are the moulding light around the stage, setting the overall effect and brightening the atmosphere. Head wash lights render the colour of the stage and runway, whereas spotlights come in handy for narrow beams of light during speeches, first dances, photo sessions, etc.  

Product: Ankur Golden Wall Sconce.

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