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Article: Upgrade your Lighting for security

Upgrade your Lighting for security - Ankur Lighting

Upgrade your Lighting for security

Apart from the aesthetic appeal of proper lighting, it is crucial from the perspective of providing security. Appropriate lighting creates a safe environment for your home, business, and workplace. Lighting for safety becomes essential, especially for places where a manual workforce works with machinery. One of the many reasons lighting is significant is to keep a safe visibility level to avoid trips and falls. Regardless of whether you are using safe lighting for extra illumination or buying lighting for security, this article will be useful. 

Different types of lights for security online

For enhanced security lighting, you can buy lighting for safety online making an informed decision with all of the specifications and details mentioned. For security lighting systems, four types of lighting units are used: continuous, standby, movable (portable), and emergency.

Continuous lighting is the most common security lighting which consists of a series of fixed lights arranged to give maximum illumination to a given area continuously with overlapping cones of light during darkness. Using glare projection and controlled lighting, these strips of lights are used for safety. Such technologies make it difficult for intruders to see the inside area. 

With a layout similar to continuous lighting, standby lighting is not continuously lit but is turned on only when there is a detection of suspicious activity by security forces or alarm systems. Also known as crash lighting, standby lighting causes a devastating psychological effect as the intruder's darkness is suddenly attacked. 

Movable lighting is manually operated which may be lit during hours of darkness or only as needed. Movable lights are generally flexible and often are mounted on telescoping poles on trailers that have their power generation for maximum flexibility.

Emergency lighting is the most powerful light for security you can find online. It comes as a saviour during a power failure or other emergencies when the normal system is inoperative. Emergency lighting switches on automatically and should provide enough brightness to permit occupants to exit safely. This, however, depends on alternative power sources including installed or portable generators or batteries for backup power supply. 

When you decide to buy lighting for security, there are certain things you need to keep in consideration. Certain areas including parking lots, exterior entrances and exits, and open yards and storage areas require strategically designed lighting. Apart from buying lighting for safety, security lighting is also crucial for other detection systems such as CCTV. Security lighting can enhance CCTV coverage by keeping in view each camera’s field of view, daylight-to-darkness transitions, lighting intensity levels, and many other factors. Potential intrusion points including gates, doors, windows, venting louvres, and delivery hatches should be considered while buying lighting for security. 

Properties of Security Lighting to note when buying lights for security online: 

  • Direction: Light from any source has a specific direction, check out for lights that are flexible and which can be reflected and refracted in multiple directions. The directionality of security lighting is important to silhouette and also identify the intruder who is between the light source and the observation point. For instance, this Ankur Felix Mini LED Downlight is the perfect blend of power and splendour with lights that are flexible for the coverage of a wide area. 
  • Glare: Glare is discomfort produced by one or more sources of various visible light. This can be used as a potential attack on potential intruders. Check out lights that provide glare that can be carefully controlled and managed so that it does not inhibit the effectiveness of CCTV and also prevents employees from seeing an attacker. This Ankur 400mm LED Drum Pendant Light maintains a constant glare for security.
  • Illumination level: Make use of a light meter to measure illumination level in footcandles or lux (in the metric system). This helps you calculate the level of light reflected by a target. Ankur's Nanoleaf Elements Hexagons Smarter Kit Birchwood 7 Pack can both be used for places that require ambient lighting for everyday use and also spaces that need extra security. The lights are touch-controlled and can also be controlled using Nanoleaf's mobile application or by connecting it to your voice assistant. 
  • Quality: To retain its effectiveness, lighting must be durable and retain its quality. A poorly maintained lighting system might work in favour of the would-be attackers. Ankur Cubic Square 12W LED Downlight has been made with high-quality aluminium and offers both durability and exceptional performance. 
  • Colour temperature: The colour temperature is another factor to look out for while buying lights for security. A whiter light emits more of a safe environment and deterrent for crime than yellow lights. This suggests that you choose lights with more of a cool hue than warm for a safe environment.
  • Outdoor rated solutions: Lights installed for outdoor lighting solutions are to be used for maximum coverage which is to be given special consideration on matters of construction, gasket seal, and overall durability over indoor solutions. The quality and material used for outdoor lighting matter as it has to withstand the elements of wind, rain, sun, and heat. This Ankur Cylindrical Two Way Outdoor Wall Light provides maximum illumination and security outdoors. Be it the boundary walls for a bungalow or an outdoor restaurant, this outdoor light comes with dimmable and extra security features. 
  • Plan for the entire property: Lighting for security purposes shouldn’t be sparse and only be directed just in a few key spots like doors and windows. A safely lit location has to be well planned to encompass dark areas overall. Downlights,  walkway lights, directional floodlights, are lights to ensure a total lighting effect for your location to extra security.

 There are a lot of ways to light a building for security. From step lights, downlights, wall sconces, to bollards placed on the side of buildings around the bottom perimeter to rope lighting, pendant lighting secured along the edge of the house with minimum light, there are plenty of solutions you can seek by knowing about different kinds of lighting solution that serves your security purposes. 

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