The pandemic has made us all stuck at home. To make the best out of this, we can make ourselves feel more comfortable at home by making some home décor changes. Lighting is one of the most important parts of a home. The right lighting helps us complete common tasks like working or studying effectively. For this purpose, it is vital to have the correct lighting for different tasks. The appropriate lighting can guide you and make some tasks like reading, sewing, cooking, grooming and doing work easier. These tasks are often done in a specific corner rather than the whole room, hence the lighting can be localised. 

This is where task lighting comes in. Sometimes due to bad lighting, we have trouble focusing on visual tasks. This problem can be more distressing for older people as they have weaker eyesight.

When task lighting is implemented correctly in your home, it lowers eye strain and fatigue. Our Ankur 3996 Track Light is perfect to illuminate dim spaces and reduce fatigue and strain in hallways and kitchens. 

To identify problem areas, go to a room in your house and try to read finely printed words under your current lighting. Ask yourself if you can read it properly, now shine your phone’s flashlight on it and try again. If you see more clearly now,  a change in existing lighting is recommended. On our website, you can find various task lighting fixtures and products designed to illuminate these task areas and make it easier for you to perform visual tasks at home. 

The task fixtures design makes it very fluid and flexible, the designs make it usable practically anywhere. They are most commonly used for tables and floors but there are also lights which are available with a set of wheels for portability. These lighting fixtures are extremely accessible, some of them are made with magnifying lenses and built-in lighting to make reading painless for people with eyesight difficulties. Table and floor lamps and directional sconces are customisable as one can install a bulb with higher light output in the fixture, change the shade, or position an existing fixture to allow more illumination. 

Task lighting makes your everyday life easier. Some types of task lighting fixtures have controls that allow you to control the amount of light and the colour output. There are a few types of LED bulbs and lighting fixtures are “smart.” You can connect them to other smart products in the home and automate them to follow a schedule and be controlled wirelessly through your smartphone or other types of remote controls. Our Ankur Clair Bedside Wall Light is perfect for some light reading before bed. 

While choosing a task lighting fixture, here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

1. Purpose

First and foremost,  consider the purpose of installing task light fixtures.  What is the problem are you trying to solve? For whom?  This way you have a clear idea of what exactly you need for your home.

2. Light source

While installing Task fixtures LED light sources are recommended as they are extremely efficient and long-lasting. LEDs also emit a lesser amount of heat than older incandescent light bulbs. 

3. Amount of light

remember that different tasks may require different amounts of light for the best visibility.

4. Adjustability

This feature allows the light to be directed wherever it may be needed and to ensure that the whole task area is covered. 

5. Light colour

LEDs come in a range of tints and colours indicated by Kelvin (K) which is often described as “warm” (reds and yellows) or “cool” (blues). LED light bulbs and fixtures have a colour rating printed on the bulb or carton that lists the chromaticity value.