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Article: Your guide to the best Under Cabinet Lighting

Your guide to the best Under Cabinet Lighting - Ankur Lighting

Your guide to the best Under Cabinet Lighting

A little accent lighting goes a long way. Under-cabinet lighting is a very practical and creative way of transforming your home to make your daily life effortless. It is a great way to add ambiance to your workspaces, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, closet, TV space, and basement. 

As the name suggests, these lights are mounted on the underside of cabinets for illumination, which keeps them mostly hidden. They are resourceful as they save a lot of space- Rather than installing a whole lamp or ceiling fixture, under-cabinet lighting can be installed directly under a cabinet that is already fixed atinne place. They are also an efficient alternative to table lamps as it illuminates only the section where light is needed. 

Let's take a look at the three main types of Under Cabinet lights you can use to make your space more aesthetically pleasing. 


Downlights improve the quality of light wherever they are installed. They are suspended into the ceiling and emit a narrow beam of light. Since they don't take up space, it makes the room look bigger. There are options such as fixed and adjustable lighting as per your needs. Adjustable lighting, as the name suggests, is capable of being moved in various directions. Its frame can be tilted, which allows you to focus the light in any direction you want. It is a very convenient alternative to fixed downlights. The Ankur Round deep adjustable Downlight is a great choice. 

Make sure you consider the size of the furniture where you will install these lights to determine the number you'll need. Ensure that there is enough spacing between these lights to avoid any shadows. 

Downlights that have dimming features (as the one suggested) make a smart choice as they allow you to play along according to your mood. They come in multiple colors and are both cost and energy-efficient. 

Puck Lights

Puck lights are short, slim, cylindrical-shaped disks. They give a dramatic look like spotlights as a single triangular beam of light is focused under each puck light. These are perfect for places without access to a plug as some of them are battery-operated and make installation easy. They are a common choice as they do not contradict the decor and fit flawlessly. Ensure that there is proper spacing between each puck light so that the light is evenly spread out. 

LED Strip Lights

The most trendy and hidden under-cabinet lighting option available is strip lights. It provides easy and simple installation while also offering a uniform layer of lighting throughout due to its length and even light arrangement. LED tape is made of a very flexible material that can be applied to most surfaces and is available in different colors. Some brands like Ankur Lighting provide a dimmable feature and multicolored tapes. This feature allows you to change the lights according to your mood or any event. 

Strip lights generally illuminate the whole area and do not create any shadows. It creates a cozy atmosphere and looks stylish without any hassle. You can use it to show off your decor pieces on focus or get relaxing lighting for work. 

They also come in waterproof options such as this Ankur Waterproof LED Strip light, are extremely energy-efficient, and have a long life span. 

Track lights

Track lighting makes for great under cabinet lighting fixtures even though it is not hidden. It is one of the most affordable and easy-to-install lighting which has gained popularity over the years. 

Track lights sometimes come in one piece alone which can later be connected to a single light source- the track rails. These fixtures are attached on a successive two-wire track rail, connected by track connectors which are usually flexible and long-lasting. This feature makes it adaptable to every architectural layout. 

They act as an excellent focus light, but the angles need to be carefully adjusted to avoid any shadows. Warm track lights are the most common choice due to their minimal and elegant look. The perfect choice for your modern kitchen is the Dual Tone LED track light from Ankur. 

Things to consider with Under Cabinet Lighting

Light Source

LED is the best and most practical choice when looking for light sources for under-cabinet lighting. It is considered the future of lighting for many reasons. Some of them are-

  • Highly efficient as they provide more light per unit of electricity. Stop burning a hole in your pocket and switch to LED!
  • Long life span - so no more fights over who will change the bulbs this time
  • Multicoloured- Numerous color options are available from cozy and warm to crazy red
  • No toxic chemicals like mercury are contained in LED 

Placement and Installation

Placement is the key factor when choosing any type of under-cabinet lighting. Make it a priority to ensure the lights are shallow enough to stay discreet. Make sure you take proper measurements of the cabinet as well as the length and width of the lights.

If you're linking multiple track lights, make sure they are from the same brand to avoid any power source troubles. No matter what type you choose, these lights are easiest to install when it's the initial stage of building the kitchen. 

Colour Temperature

While buying under-cabinet lighting online, you'll notice there are different color temperature options available in the market. You must choose the right one for your home. The number explains how "yellow" or "blue" the color is. 

The right color temperature should be based on your personal preference and the kitchen colors. If your kitchen is filled with warm colors like red and orange- go for lights below 3000k. If your kitchen is on the cooler side and is filled with colors blue and white- go for lights above 3000k.  

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