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Article: Your Guide To Energy Efficient Lighting For Business

Your Guide To Energy Efficient Lighting For Business - Ankur Lighting

Your Guide To Energy Efficient Lighting For Business

Humans have a circadian rhythm with the natural day and night cycle. Meaning, that humans, unlike nocturnal animals, tend to work in the daylight and rest after sunset. But that cycle has been somewhat disrupted thanks to the invention of artificial lights. Despite that, artificial lights have made life much more effortless.

Artificial lightings

Benefits of artificial lighting

Artificial lights were considered to only have negative impacts on the human body. But, recent studies have shown some benefits of artificial lights. Some benefits of artificial lighting are as follows:

  1. More usable time at hand - With the introduction of artificial lights, people found that they can have more time (i.e. after sunset) to finish their desired work instead of setting it aside for the next day. 
  2. A change in working hours - With the dependency on natural light finally over, people could work at their convenient time without worrying about nightfall.
  3. Clearer vision in the dark - The introduction of torches made it easier to navigate in the dark. Humans, unlike animals, do not have good night vision and artificial lights have made life convenient. 
  4. Lessened anxiety to some extent - For people who are terrified of the dark or staying alone at night, artificial lights have effectively reduced their anxiety.

What does energy-efficient lighting mean?

Energy-efficient means the ability of a device to produce light from a given input power without consuming much energy. Lighting is a necessity when it comes to navigating in the dark. So the best bet in recent years would be choosing energy-efficient lighting around the living space.

Incandescent light bulbs and high-discharge lamps waste a lot of energy in the form of heat and therefore do not fall under energy-efficient lights. 

Energy-efficient lighting 

Energy-efficient lights are the new norm not only because they provide better illumination but also because they do not consume much power. To reduce energy consumption, here are two types of main types of energy-efficient lights:  

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) - They are advanced compared to incandescent lamps and are one of the most popular types of energy-saving lamps/ bulbs. They use 60% - 75% less energy and last ten times longer than an ordinary bulb.

CFL lightsLight Emitting Diode (LED) - Most durable type of energy-efficient lamp, LEDs are an ideal choice for homes and office buildings. The only downfall in LED lamps is their cost - LEDs are expensive items.
LED lights

Benefits of Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact Fluorescent Lamps are becoming popular by the day. Every day, people are learning more and more about energy conservation. That is leading them to make some environmentally friendly choices. Here are a few benefits of CFL:

  1. They are cost-effective
  2. Versatile
  3. Reduce carbon-dioxide emissions

Benefits of Light Emitting Diode

Light Emitting Diodes are one of the most well-known sources of light seen in almost all places. LEDs, despite being expensive, have their own set of benefits that make them the perfect choice:

  1. Long-lasting
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Operable in cold conditions
  4. No UV emissions
  5. Versatility

Outdoor areas and layouts

When planning for a business building, outdoor lights play a crucial role in expressing one's ideas and concepts.

Offices - Offices depict many things depending on what one is trying to showcase. But, the necessary lighting for the outside of the building is for security. So, going for bright LED lights that light up a good portion of the perimeter is a must. Check out this Ankur Compatta Cubo 4 Lights Outdoor Waterproof IP Rated LED Wall Light for nice bright yet aesthetic lights perfect for outdoor placements. 

Outdoor LED wall lightPubs - For pubs and bars, one should keep ambient lightings that are warm and dim and offer a sense of security. This arrangement helps attract more customers leading to more profit.
Warehouse - The main thing to look out for when buying outdoor lights for a warehouse is its purpose - security and safety. Check out this UFO LED Track Light coming at an affordable price.
UFO LED track lights Car Parkings - Safety is paramount when it comes to car parking. Walking alone in one's car exposes one to many dangerous situations (Like abduction, mugging, or assault) and, to prevent that, bright lights should be installed at every corner of the car parking.

How does lighting affect a workplace/ business?

Believe it or not, lights play a great role in affecting moods. Most of the time, lights are often ignored or not placed correctly in a workplace. This lack of proper exposure to lights might play a negative role in the mental and physical well-being of a person. Here are a few common problems faced by people working in dimly lit rooms:

  1. Headache - Dim lights or poor lighting can cause headaches thus, leading to poor performance by the employees. 
  2. Eye strain - Working in dark/ poorly lit rooms can affect the eyes and strain them. This makes one frustrated and overall perform badly.
  3. Boredom - Few lights can make one bored and lack enthusiasm leading to reduced attention span and frustration.
  4. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) - This syndrome is a serious health hazard for working in poor-lit areas. 

As seen above, working in poorly lit areas can affect the output and the employees' health. That is why, when planning to build a business place of your own, make sure to include sufficient lights.

Some fancy lights for business startups

Who said that energy-efficient lights come in boring styles and colors? Take a look at these beautiful LED lights perfect for business places:

  1. Ankur Raimond Spark Ball Chandeliers - These are perfect for adding an elegant touch to your building.
  2. Ankur Neptune Linear Chandelier - Want a fun yet sophisticated touch to your business hall? Look no further!
  3. Ankur Balino Outdoor Ground Burial Lights - These are a must-have to complete the office look from the outside!
  4. Ankur Dixon Half Chrome Glass Pendant - Looking for a bright and posh look? Then this one's for you.

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