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Article: Vlogging Lighting Basics

Vlogging Lighting Basics

As a creator, investing in good lighting is one of the most effective ways to improve the overall quality of your videos. Subpar lighting makes it difficult for viewers to focus on the content's quality. If you take the time to set up your lighting correctly, your viewers will be able to focus solely on how much they are enjoying your videos.

Outside in the daylight

The most cost-effective option to gather a significant amount of light for your vlogs is to shoot outside in the daylight. You need to be more strategic if you feel like your vlog doesn't belong in nature. The video will still be dark and fuzzy even if you brighten up your living room.

Techniques for Basic Video Lighting: Three-Point Lighting

Three-point lighting describes the method most often used to illuminate a scene. Portrait photographers often employ this technique, which includes using three separate light sources within a single frame; it's also ideal for decorating your vlog.

Basic video lighting

The primary light source, often known as the leading light, must meet strict quality standards. You can utilize a window, but if you don't have accessibility to one where you're filming, a Led-based panel light or a softbox light, like those used in portrait photography, will work just as well.

Three point lighting system

Half of your face will be cast in dramatic shadow by this first illumination source. This shadow needs to be lessened but not eliminated. Instead of placing an additional light source on the sides of the camera, a reflector can be used to redirect light to your face. This reflector reflects your fill light.

The fill light, dimmer than the key light, is typically positioned on the darkest side of the set. The reflectors will have to be put on a stand to effectively minimize the principal light source's shadows.

Adding a third light source behind you completes the three-point lighting effect. Using this as your "Backlight," you may better separate yourself from your surroundings. When lighting a person, the "hair light" or "backlight" is always positioned beside and over the subject to delineate them from the background. 

For this reason, it's crucial to maintain a flexible mindset and constantly experiment with different light setups. This fundamental lighting method may be used in virtually any scene you film.

Why Should You Spend Money on Vlog Lighting?

Vlog lighting isn't only about making sure your videos look good; it can also set the tone and evoke emotions in your viewers. You can tell better video stories and prevent losing footage if you take the time to learn the fundamentals of vlog lighting. Adjusting the lighting for a vlog is more straightforward during filming than post-production because your editing options will be severely constrained even if you use professional vlog editing software.

Vlog lighting

Spending more time mastering vlog lighting will pay dividends in fewer editing hours. Furthermore, adequate lighting in a vlog is an indication of professionalism. Thus it will help to set your vlogs ahead of the competition. 

Vlog lighting

The most excellent element is that understanding vlog lighting is simple. Also, once you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll have more room to play around with lighting and develop your unique style in your videos.

Tips for Those Who Want to Make YouTube Videos

It takes effort and time to become a master of light, and if you want to keep improving as you go along, you need to keep your mind open and your curiosity peaked. The suggestions presented here will facilitate your initial steps on that path.

Intensify the Beam of Your Primary Source of Illumination

Aim to isolate yourself from the background by controlling the direction of your Key Light. Attach anything that will throw a shadow to your Key Light to direct the light where you want it to go. You can cover your Key Light's window with a curtain. The softbox light will already be somewhat directed in the direction you want it to go.

Make use of daylight.

Sunlight is still superior to any other artificial light source for use in filming. However, the problem is that natural sunlight constantly shifts, making it difficult to forecast. To overcome this difficulty, it's best to arrive on set well-prepared and work rapidly to acquire the photo you want.

DIY Lights

A wide variety of light sources, from candlelight to LED bulbs, can be used in a photograph. Warmer light beams may accentuate reds and yellows, which can end up making your video look less genuine, so be aware of that.

LED lights

Make use of lighting equipment.

This is your excellent choice if you want total creative freedom over the lighting on your stage. Lights, filters, and diffusers are just some of the tools at your disposal for creating the ideal lighting for your film subjects. The only drawback is that a lighting equipment kit can be expensive.

Lighting equipment

Install reflectors

The cost of a set of reflectors is typically less than $50. While many YouTubers buy reflectors, some opt to improvise with tin foil. A translucent "reflector" can diffuse the harsh light from the main source. To soften your primary light source, position a translucent reflector or other screens in front of it.

You may want to reconsider your lighting setup if you're hosting a beauty vlog. To avoid shadows on one side of your face, position your primary light source precisely in front of you. A backlight is especially important in this setup to stand out against the background, but fill lights are also a smart option for adding depth to the scene. If you don't utilize a backlight, the even light on your face will make you look flat.

If your video is still too dim after you've adjusted all the lights, consider lowering the f-stop (the distance between the lens's focal point and the sensor) on your camera. Increasing the light entering your camera can make your movie brighter, but it also increases the danger that your subject matter will be overexposed or washed out.

When photographing in low light, a lens with a larger aperture (and thus a smaller f-stop) will yield the best results. This will maximize the usable illumination.


If you're a vlogger seeking to grow an audience, the quality and consistency of your lighting will make or break your videos. It's easy to get professional results with a low-budget vlog lighting setup, despite widespread belief to the contrary. The above lighting arrangements for your vlog should give you a good idea of where to start.

Ultimately, the most excellent vlog lighting setup is the one that you can use. It could be the 3-point lighting system or natural light with reflectors. Lighting is important because your audience will expect nothing less of you from video to video.

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