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Minimal interiors, clean living rooms, and spaces have been trending for quite some time. People love to keep their rooms, offices, and other commercial and residential areas subtle and minimal. Lately, minimal interiors with maximal lighting are trending because of their beautiful and classy looks. 

Lighting plays one of the most important roles when setting up a space. While you can keep your wall paint and furniture pastel and minimal, you can always opt for maximal lighting and elegant light fixtures to add a hint of glamour and grandeur.

In today's article, Ankur lighting will guide you to master a clean and minimal interior with maximal lighting fixtures.

Pendant lights

We will start by discussing the most statement pieces and features that can amp up the look of your space and give it a luxurious look.


There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting chandeliers online since they can immensely alter the look of a space. When you buy chandeliers online, you need to evaluate the available space, the placement, and the aesthetics of your residence. 


Our chandeliers at Ankur Lighting are designed keeping these factors in mind, so you have a wide variety to choose from. A stunning Chandelier is a perfect choice to add drama and a hint of luxury if you have clean, light-colored walls with light furniture. You can use chandeliers in your living room, bedroom, and more to balance minimalism with maximalism. This is a great way to have the goodness and aesthetics of both worlds.


Chandeliers are a great light fixture for ambient lighting since you can make the most of light in all the nooks and corners with a single light fixture. While you have decided to pick a nice chandelier for your space, it is essential to understand the styles.

Chandeliers come in various styles and designs. Make sure to understand your taste and aesthetics before you make a purchase. 

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a fantastic way to add beauty with maximum lighting. With a couple of pendant lights, you can enhance the look of your space. This is one great option to choose from for good illumination.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are always suitable for an elegant look and a ceiling-based interior to make the perfect ambiance. You can light up your space, kitchen, hallway, or living room beautifully with a unique look that adds a contemporary style. 

To buy pendant lights online, you must consider some factors before purchasing. The pendant light should match the necessities of your interior and space. Ankur lighting provides world-class Pendant lights for every room. These pendant lights are designed tastefully to amp up the look and feel of your unique spaces.

Floor Lamps

Make the best of light with Floor lamps! Floor lamps are an excellent choice for task lighting, but when used with several light fixtures, floor lamps can provide fantastic lighting to your space. Remember, while you try to achieve maximum lighting, this is only possible by combining specific light fixtures in each corner to ensure proper light distribution. 

Floor lamps

You can place a beautiful and contemporary style Lucid Floor Lamp to brighten the corner near your bed.

If you have a light color interior, you can make the best of natural light or pendant lights to illuminate your space. If you have a dark interior, you should invest in this stunning Neptune Chandelier.

Neptune chandelier

While illuminating your space can be a bit pesky at times, remember less is more. And it is essential to find the balance between less and more. While you decide to make a purchase, list down the areas you wish to highlight and understand which part of your space needs maximum lighting. Consider looking at the natural light sources and identify the places that do not receive direct light. Install little fixtures in the corners for better illumination. 


When it comes to lighting, each fixture plays a vital role and makes a better picture together. To explore the best light fixtures, Ankur Lighting has an exhaustive range of chandeliers, pendant lights, track lights, sconces, and more for all budgets, tastes, and interiors. Make sure you buy the best quality products for better durability and performance.

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