While lighting our homes, we must remember that the outdoor spaces are just as vital as the ones inside. If truth be told, areas like terraces are instrumental in defining the look of your home, with the ability to seamlessly tie in all the exterior and interior elements of a space. 

Lighting plays a very important role in making recreational spaces like terraces seem appealing and soothing to the naked eye. While we do focus our attention on setting up these spaces with beautiful plants and comfortable furniture, all of it can be for naught if our lighting just isn’t up to the mark. 

Lighting can impeccably set the mood and ambience, so it serves for both functionality and visual appeal. With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, the right lighting will be a huge factor in bringing together the décor of the numerous parties you’re about to host or attend. The key areas to be considered while lighting your terrace may be access points and pathways. A variety of outdoor lighting options are available to showcase your creative ideas and come up with an effective lighting scheme.

Let’s check them out:

1. For general lighting of your terrace, you can never go wrong with lamps. You may use recessed wall lamps, sconces, as well as pendant lamps, as these provide an even glow across space. Ankur's Egg Pendant Light is a great example, providing consistency to your terrace while amplifying its beauty. 

2. Spotlights like Ankur's Wall Mounted Spot Light can be used to highlight individual items on your terrace. For decorative lighting of flowers, sculptures or other possessions you intend to exhibit, you can position spotlights underneath them. Spotlights are also the ideal choice for access points, where direct lighting is required. This helps illuminate these areas well for safety reasons. 

Product: Ankur Half Dome Grande Pendant Light.

3. Beacons and recessed floor lights are incredibly useful options to light pathways. Illuminating these areas well is important to help prevent people falling or tripping along them. 

The lighting options you’ll eventually pick out will heavily depend on the purpose of the outdoor lighting on your terrace. If all you’re looking for is a bright light to guide you around your terrace in the dark, or relax with a book at night, functional lighting is the way to go for you. As the only important factor here is good visibility, you might find this lighting to be severely lacking in aesthetic appeal. Overplaying functional lighting will also result in your terrace seeming harsh and unwelcoming. 

Effect lighting will help create atmosphere and will drive up the visual appeal of your terrace. This includes using outdoor lighting that can be tweaked by dimming, lights with different colour palettes and automatic colour changes. This coloured lighting can cause interesting effects on any flowers or plants on your terrace, so be sure to try out various combinations.

We'll leave you with this final tip - while getting creative and adding your personal touch, be mindful of whether your lights are compatible with your décor and other lights surrounding it. This will help you to come up with a suitable and effective lighting plan for your terrace.