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Article: Your guide to Commercial lighting and its maintenance

Your guide to Commercial lighting and its maintenance - Ankur Lighting

Your guide to Commercial lighting and its maintenance

Commercial lighting is all about the lighting in a workspace like offices, stores, institutions, hospitals, government buildings, industries, and so on. Commercial lighting in India requires a lot of capital investment for the long run and also requires endurance to a great extent. 

Generally, these commercial lighting in India requires high maintenance and are available with wide-ranging energy-saving options to fit your requirements. Most commercial buildings are established to fulfil a particular task or activity. Choose the right lighting for your building to obtain the desired results. 

Simplify your work and choose to buy commercial lights online and enhance your level of comfort with better energy-efficient standard and lux level requirements. The most common lighting aspects of a commercial building are the illuminance of the space, use cases, kinds of lighting fixtures, and lex level requirements. 

It is mandatory to have the right lighting for your workplace to achieve your desired results. Wrong lighting leads to negative effects. When you have underlighting for your workplace it slows down all sorts of work whereas over-lighting can also hinder your task.

What is the array of fixtures used for commercial lighting in India?

The most important aspects that are often considered before choosing commercial lighting for the workplace are features, use cases, and functions. Some of the commonly used commercial fixtures are T5 and compact fluorescent lights but due to their affordable reprising LED lighting fixtures are mostly used now. Here are some of the types of lighting fixtures you can also buy commercial lights online for your workspace.

1. Tubular fluorescent light fixtures

This lighting fixture uses traditional fluorescent technology and is usually fitted in ceilings and covered using a frosted lens. The typical fluorescent lights have one to four bulbs and you can choose among them to fit your demand. These fluorescent bulbs come with long-lasting and energy-efficient options to suit best for your commercial lighting design. Simply buy commercial lights online as per your design requirements.

2. Compact fluorescent light fixtures

Compact fluorescent light fixtures replace incandescent bulbs which give a compact lighting solution to your commercial space using traditional Florence technology with compact internal ballast. These lighting fixtures are energy efficient and made using tubular fluorescent lighting for better natural white colour light emission. The compact fluorescent is mostly used for application tasks and downlights.

3. T5 fluorescent light fixtures

In commercial lighting designs, T5 fluorescent light fixtures can never be missed due to their long life and minimal maintenance. They suit best for troffer or high bay applications. Initially, these T5 fluorescent light fixtures come up with fluorescent lamps whereas now they are designed to accommodate LED bulb sources.

4. LED light fixtures

LED light fixtures are unavoidable in recent years due to their less power consumption and longer life. LED fittings have faced a very tough challenge in the earlier times but the cost cut has led to a boost in its preference rates when compared to T5 and fluorescent lighting fixtures.

5. Lux level requirements

The Lux level calculation helps to identify the number of light required to fit your commercial space based on your task and with better energy-efficient fixtures.

Modern commercial lighting fixtures stick with green building codes and provide more control over energy usage, efficiency, and comfort. In addition, many lighting trends support your commercial spaces including connected lighting, interactive lighting, LED fixtures with advanced lighting controls, balancing daylight, and so on.

Commercial lighting maintenance tips

To keep everything in proper working order, every business requires regular maintenance. When it comes to maintaining lighting systems, there's more to it than simply replacing defective light fixtures. The following are the most important aspects of commercial lighting and its maintenance to ensure a properly functioning system.

1. Check for bulbs

Fix the bulb if it is burnt out, loose, or only if some bulbs work in a multi-lamp fixture and this part plays a significant role in maintenance. And this little step helps with easy light maintenance to obtain the desired brightness and visibility moreover it helps to identify the fixture failure if there are any like ballast, wiring, or electrical.

2. Ensure the right replacement

Add the right lamp to your fixture in the case of replacements. For instance, how to maintain commercial lights, you cannot add LED bulbs for your retrofitted fixtures expecting better efficiency and performance. 

Check for fixture compatibility initially and ensure whether you have added the right lamp in the aspects of pins, connectors, or the base as part of commercial lights maintenance. Make sure you at least check for bulbs annually whether they are rightly added as part of commercial lights maintenance.

3. Clean your fixtures

Make sure you clean your pictures at a regular interval for easy light maintenance. Dirty fixes lead to wrong customer impressions. Further dirty fixtures can result in total failure. Try to clean your commercial fixtures at least annually to prevent you from landing in failures. Dust your lenses and diffusers and also wipe inside your fixtures to avoid internal issues.

4. Check for performance

How do you maintain commercial lights for better performance? As part of lighting maintenance, performance check plays a significant role. Check the working of a ballast, drivers, or transformers in the case of any issue. Make a better replacement for enhancing your performance as part of commercial lights maintenance.

5. Check for dimming presets

Dimmers are usually preset and ensure annually whether your fixtures are working as per your space needs for easy light maintenance.

6. Repair or replace the broken

How can you maintain commercial lights if it is broken? Figure out the broken fixtures in your annual maintenance and either repair or replace them with newer ones for better performance.

Keep your lighting maintenance in top priority. Still using fluorescent bulbs for your workspace it's time to upgrade with LED lights. Enjoy the benefits of the newest lighting designs to save more energy and money in the long run. With little maintenance, you can make your workspace look flawless effortlessly.

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