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Article: What To Look For Before Renting Your New Home

What To Look For Before Renting Your New Home - Ankur Lighting

What To Look For Before Renting Your New Home

Getting your own house is a dream for many. Renting or buying a home is a huge investment of money and time. When you know that you and your loved ones will be spending considerable time in your new home, you would want the experience to be pleasant for everyone.

Before you go ahead and sign the deal, you might want to check out this article to make sure it fits all the criteria so you won't face any problems in the future. 


There is nothing better than natural light to fill your home. Look for houses with abundant natural light instead of dim and dark houses. 

Natural light has a lot of benefits like boosting vitamin C, improving sleep patterns, helping to focus, and reducing anxiety, all of which increase productivity and psychological well-being. 

Not only does natural light help our well-being, but it also benefits the buildings we live in. Lighting makes up a significant amount of total energy usage and can help you save on your electricity bill.

You must be aware that mold thrives in a dark and badly-lit flat. To avoid all this, natural light and proper ventilation are great solutions to prevent the spores from taking hold and have a clean and mildew-free home. 

Hence, make sure you move into a space with ample natural light.


Although natural light is beneficial, artificial lighting is integral to the modern world. It is crucial to choose a home with good lighting potential so you can create an elegant and warm ambiance.

The power of good lighting can make or break the look of your interiors. Some things to look out for in your new house would be- 

Make sure the lighting fixtures match the purpose of the room. This should be your first consideration while looking at lighting. For example, the kitchen should have pendant lights that do not take away attention from the other lights in the room, yet go well with different styles of kitchen layouts.

The living room, which is the most frequently used room in the house and the main area where all guests are expected to be seated and take the first look should have a warm yet welcoming tone. It will also be used by you after a long day's work, so make sure you use relaxing tones as well. Use bright lights but not too bright that will put a strain on your eyes. 

While decorating your interiors you might want to add ceiling lights hence, you must know the ceiling height of your space.
Even though some lights come with adjustable cords and rods, you won't like the lighting hanging too high or too low.
Consider your lighting choices before you move in or start decorating your house. The layout should be taken into consideration before you start making any changes.
Consider installing wall sconces to create a softer ambiance and avoid potentially harsh downlighting that casts ominous shadows.

If you are renting/buying a two- or three-story house, look for proper lighting on the stairs. Stairs can be hazardous to navigate at night if it's not well-lit.
You can use recessed lights, LED strip lights, and downlights depending on whether the stairs are enclosed or open. If you think you are unable to balance the room with ambient light, consider using a remarkable and striking Chandelier that will alter the entire look of your space. 


Good locality and neighborhood is the most important feature a tenant must look for before considering the house. You might want to look for an apartment right in the heart of the city.

The first thing to look for would be a safe neighborhood. Ensure the area is not isolated and check with residents for any past incidents that you should be aware of.

 If you dislike long commutes to work, look for a place that is close to your office. Opt for a location that is within 10 minutes of your workplace.

Also, make sure that the area is well-connected to the rest of the city and there are enough transport facilities. Look for well-developed social infrastructures nearby such as schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. It will help save a lot of time and hassle in commuting.

Choose a view that feels refreshing and is calm and quiet but at the same time one of the happening places of the city. After all, the location might be your daily view for the next many years to come. 

Supply and Amenities

Apart from the house and neighborhood, you might also want to check all the facilities provided to you. Twenty-four-hour water and electricity supply should be a must. Do your survey and check with the residents to confirm the quality and all-day supply of water.

Check whether the garbage disposal system of the society is proper and there are no delays in collecting garbage as this might result in a foul smell and overflowing of house waste.

Search for buildings with additional water storage and generators since the municipality can be inconsistent. A society with a built-in gas pipeline will prove to be convenient and will save you a lot of pennies on buying gas cylinders.

Coming to amenities, these are not necessary, but additional features you’d want to consider before finalizing your agreement. If you own a car, make sure you have ample parking inside the building to be safe, and you won't get any more tickets!

Consider other features like CCTV, security guards, alarms, and proper fencing of the building and balconies. 

If you're moving in with your family, good amenities like a playground for children, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse are a must so your child can have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, look for a gymnasium inside the building to continue living an active lifestyle. 

These and many other factors are to be kept in mind before finally moving in. A lot of hard work goes into the investment you make, better make one with adequate research. Hope this guide helps you to choose a house of your liking, which you can soon call home!

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