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Article: Scandinavian-Style Lighting Designs That Add Simplicity To Your Home

Scandinavian-Style Lighting Designs That Add Simplicity To Your Home - Ankur Lighting

Scandinavian-Style Lighting Designs That Add Simplicity To Your Home

The simplicity and tranquillity of Scandinavian design have made it a favourite among interior decorators. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden houses inspire this style, characterized by a light and airy aesthetic achieved through natural materials, large windows, and other open design elements. Everything from the colour scheme to the lighting nods to Scandinavian design's emphasis on minimalism and functionality.

Scandinavian style lighting: What is it?

Minimalism and comfort seem at odds, but they complement one another beautifully in Scandinavian interiors. Using natural materials like wood, metal, and glass is a distinguishing characteristic of Scandinavian-style lighting. Natural or lightly stained and varnished, these materials are prized for their aesthetic and textural qualities.

Scandinavian-style lighting fittings are known for their minimalistic, geometrical aesthetic and strategic use of natural light. The result is a beautiful synthesis of hygge and unity with spare, modern furnishings.

Wall Sconce

Hygge is the Danish term for cosiness, ease, and contentment, which is highly desired in Scandinavian interior design. This is what prevents the Scandinavian style from appearing sterile and clinical. Using organic components and patterns raises the hominess and cosiness of the space.


This includes chandeliers that subtly make a statement, pendant lights made of metal with wood features, and wall sconces with glass shades and metal bodies that feature natural fibres.

Pendant Lights


Ankur Globe Chandelier is the hallmark of modern Scandinavian design to make your space more airy and inviting. The sleek and black finish of this chandelier amps up the glow of any space. Glow up your home with this magnificent chandelier to make your room more stunning.  

Ankur Globe Chandelier

The stunning design of the Ankur 12 Light Supreme Globe Chandelier will make an excellent addition to your home. The milky globe lights contribute an extraordinary quality, producing an air of contemporary artistic sophistication. The milky globe chandelier is exceptionally beautiful and functional. Give your space a modern Scandinavian design with this adorable chandelier.

Ankur 12 Light Supreme Globe Chandelier

Lighting in the Scandinavian Style and the Role of Natural Materials

As one might expect from a design aesthetic that places such a premium on comfort and natural beauty, wood plays a pivotal role in Scandinavian lighting. Wooden light fixtures highlight your house's inviting and relaxing atmosphere, enhancing its hygge quality. However, metal, glass, and natural fibres are appropriate for Scandinavian illumination.

Pendant Lights:

These Ankur Modern Nordic Dome With Natural Wood Pendant lights are a beautiful addition to any contemporary space. The pendant lights' sleek design adds a classy touch to any decor. This stunning pendant light is a perfect example of the natural materials that prevail in the Scandinavian design aesthetic and would look great in your home.

Ankur Modern Nordic Dome With Natural Wood Pendant Lights

Add a touch of Scandinavian style to your space with this stunning Ankur Nordic Wide Metal and Natural Wood Pendant Light. The sleek design of this pendant light adds a contemporary and timeless look and feel to your home effortlessly. Light up your space with this beautiful pendant light that completes the Scandinavian look. 

Ankur Nordic Wide Metal and Natural Wood Pendant Light

Elevate the feel and look of your space with Ankur Nordic Slim Cone Natural Wood and Metal Pendant Light. This pendant light with a wood finish adds more  Scandinavian style to your home. These pendant lights adhere to the simplicity of cosiness while providing visual appeal. 

Ankur Nordic Slim Cone Natural Wood and Metal Pendant Light

Scandinavian-style light fixtures combine practicality and beauty.

Scandinavian lighting is minimalist and practical, balancing warm and cold tones. The design employs several parts working together to achieve the desired effect. As a result, the area is illuminated beautifully and has a warm, welcoming vibe.

Using Scandinavian Lighting to Let in as Much Natural Light as Possible

Lighting is integral to Scandinavian design because of the limited daylight in Nordic countries during the winter. Using natural light instead of artificial lighting is recommended whenever feasible. The natural light is emphasized using white walls and big windows with minimal window treatments. Chandeliers and pendant lights add ambient light on gloomy winter days and make the most available natural light.

Wall Sconces:

Give your space a stunning contemporary Scandinavian style look with this beautiful Ankur Lumi Jade Double Walled Glass Wall Light. Add a touch of welcoming look to your home with this wall light. This elegant and versatile wall sconce is the perfect addition to the minimalistic style.

Wall Sconce

Add more style to your space with this Ankur Paul U-Shaped Two Globe Wall Sconce. The sophisticated U-shaped design further enhances the lamp's contemporary and refined appearance. With its welcoming and modern appearance, the wall sconce is a perfect fit for any modern home. This lighting will give your walls a luxurious and contemporary appearance. 

Adding a Touch of Scandi Style to Your Home's Lighting

Lighting in the warm, airy, and refined Scandinavian style is perfect for any area in the house. These patterns make the space feel warm and welcoming. A stylish Scandinavian-inspired light bulb can elevate the look of any space with its blend of modern minimalism, retro flair, and playful spirit.

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