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Article: Lighting Up Retail Stores Smartly and Efficiently

Lighting Up Retail Stores Smartly and Efficiently

Good lighting can make your store stand out and enhance your customer's experience if controlled efficiently. The key to setting up an ideal lighting interior lies in understanding selling priorities, impressive décor styles, and having an insight into customer needs. There are four primary factors in lighting solutions for retail stores. An account and a balance will help you build a unique environment and attract more customers.

Product: Ankur 2ft x 2ft (600MM x 600MM) 42 Watt LED Square Recessed Aluminium Panel Light.

1. Sufficiency

Light sufficiency is one of the most crucial fundamentals of a good lighting setup. Your store should not have very dim lights or too bright ones. From a consumer's standpoint, an individual would want to take a good look at their products before making a purchase. And for that, a brightly lit setting is vital. However, an extremely bright space can turn out to be irritating to the eye and drive your buyers away. Depending on the size of the area, you can choose the power and intensity of your fixtures. For example, a huge warehouse will require powerful lights like our 2x2 Flat Panel Light as the space is bigger. Whereas for small stores, smaller spotlights like our ATL Lisca Surface Downlight would just be right.

2. Understanding the requirements

Understanding where you need more light and where you need a well spread out of brightness is crucial. For example, changing rooms require an ample amount of light so the customer can choose the right fit and right colors for themselves. The lights in a changing room cannot be too warm or too cold with their color temperature as such effects can manipulate certain colors and make a false impression. In billing areas, spotlights are the way to go to make the job easier and more efficient for everyone. Similarly, the store sign at the entrance needs to be well-lit to highlight its importance and attract more eyes.

3.  Prioritising

Accent lighting is an effective method to glorify your products and divert people's eyes to them. Such lighting fixtures are often seen in malls and clothing stores to draw attention to certain styles and fresh stocks. This lighting method will help you highlight certain sales and products to gain customer attention and boost sales. Visual emphasis on your products with lighting like our ANKUR dual-tone LED surface light can make a lasting impression and help customers make the right choice.

4. Decor lighting

And last but not least, decorative lighting. These include designer models such as chandeliers, pendant lights, hanging lights, and fashionable lamps. Designer lights play an important role in establishing your store's value and splendor. Chandeliers like our 16-Globe Glass Radiant Chandelier are the most elegant and creative lighting fixtures which catch the eye and build a lasting reputation. Decorative lights can also be used during festivals to add to the festive theme and maintain the aura of beauty and contemporary fashion. Especially for a retail store for clothing brands or jewelry, an impressive lighting interior works wonders in enchanting the customers.

There you have it! The four most basic factors when it comes to designing a well-lit interior for retail stores. When managed according to space and with a thorough analysis of your customers, you will be able to have the most efficient and gorgeous lights, which will enhance your and your buyer's experience.


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