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Article: Illuminating empty walls with lighting and decor

Illuminating empty walls with lighting and decor

A room with blank, uninteresting walls not only looks bad but also has a depressing, lifeless feel to it. And consider this: every empty wall in your home is another chance lost to make it appear just the way you've always imagined it could. The amount of negative space in a room plays a crucial role in regulating the energy flow and setting the mood. 

Blank walls

However, if your home has many blank walls, it may feel lifeless and uninviting. Every design feature of your house needs to be in harmony with the others. If you're not a maximalist but still want your walls to look nice, you might like some of the minimalist wall décor ideas that have recently gained popularity. 

Adding something small may significantly impact the overall look of a room. Now, check out the many wall-decorating options.

Spray your walls with "green" paint.

Of course not! What we're getting at is that using green elements in your design is not only a great way to reduce your carbon footprint but can also give your home a truly unique look and feel. 

Spray your walls with green paint

Many homeowners have already begun using eco-friendly materials in their interior design, but now is the time to show off your commitment to green living by going green. Putting miniature planters on the walls is the most modern suggestion we have for you. The great thing about planters that you can hang on the wall is that you can personalize them to your exact specifications. 

planters on the wall

You get to pick out the background colour, the planters, the plants, and even the layout on the wall. Lighting this wall to highlight the lovely plants growing there would be the cherry on top, a perfect opportunity to show off your green thumb.

Add Some Creativity to That Bare Wall

There are infinite options for adding visual interest to a blank wall. Ultimately, you should choose an accessory that not only appeals to your aesthetic but also works well with the whole of your furnishings. 

Add some creativity

Installing a large-scale piece of art in the room is an excellent idea if you're a true art lover. Get extra credit if you colour the backdrop and add lighting to the room.

Hanging pictures

If art isn't your thing, consider hanging a giant photograph or creating a gallery wall out of smaller pictures. It makes your room feel more complete, but each time you look at your artfully arranged wall, you'll be transported back to a different place and time in your life.


Look no further than the Ankur Lighting collection for some practical yet attractive lighting options if you're still unsure about that aspect of the room's decor.


The attractive lighting scheme may effectively illuminate the entire wall. You can set up your mini-green gallery if you buy a few more of these. If you turn out all the other lights in the room, you can create a scene that captivates your audience. 


The actual trick of this light is that it can be angled in any direction, allowing you to create the perfect lighting for any scene at any time. A striking black body highlights the downlight's sleek, contemporary form with a dual-tone LED surface light.

Track lights:

This sleek and slim style has incomparable efficiency, so this track lighting might be personalised precisely how you want it to be. This bold and stunning track light is a significantly better alternative if you're always searching for a transformation in your décor. Sufficient illumination from a single fixture eliminates the need for additional lighting. If you want the room to have more texture and atmosphere- add more.

Track lights

Wall light:

This lovely picture wall light would complement any artwork or gallery wall well. The most excellent part about this exquisite piece is that you can alter the light shades to create the perfect ambience. The wall light will look great in any room.

Wall light

Create a Reader's Heaven out of that Empty Wall

It is the risk-free option for giving your boring wall a fresh new look. Adding books to a room is like adding a new dimension; the bright covers are a visual treat. Your home is a reflection of who you are, so why not let the books you've read provide a glimpse into your brain through their placement on your shelves? 

You can arrange them in any way you wish, whether vertically or horizontally, and they will bring an unmatched level of comfort to your home. Looking around, you'll find that you have the option of putting up a shelf or using a tabletop to store your books. 

The ideal method to do this is with a built-in bookcase, which can also serve to distinguish your interior design. Fabulous lighting ideas will give the room that extra something special. And so, the plan is as follows:

LED Strip light

Our extensive lighting selection makes this piece a gem, thanks to its adaptability and undeniable beauty. This vibrant lighting scheme may elegantly amp up your area while giving your bookshelf some much-needed dimension. LED Strip lights can be likely used to illuminate joineries or to create a stunning backlit bookcase.

LED Strip lights

It is a more aesthetically pleasing option than using a strip light, and it will provide excellent lighting for your bookcase. Just perch them on top, and their magic will flow naturally.

Panelling the wall keeps things simple and understated.

Panelling your walls is a simple method to give your home a new feel and look. Simply said, nothing can compare to the visual appeal that a panelled wall can bring to a room. This wall will give your home the facelift you've been hoping for, whether your style leans toward minimalism or maximalism. 

Wall panelling is an excellent option if you want to hide the walls' electrical hookups and other ugly characteristics. Another lasting benefit of the wall is that it needs no regular upkeep. If the rest of the room is properly lit, this area won't need any additional lighting and will look stunning. It's superfluous unless you intend to hang anything else on the wall. The panelled wall should be left blank, in any case.

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