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Article: Human-Centric Light: Benefits and Applications

Human-Centric Light: Benefits and Applications - Ankur Lighting

Human-Centric Light: Benefits and Applications

Human-Centric lighting or HCL, also known as circadian lighting, is artificial illumination that improves people's physical and mental well-being. HCL's concepts are geared toward making people happier and more productive at work. 

LED Lights

Tunable light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures are used to create HCL, as they can be easily adjusted to mimic natural sunshine. Adjustable LED bulbs come in a wide range of colour hues.

Advantages of Human-Centered Illumination and the Internet of Things

Put yourself in a workplace with no windows and spend your day there. You arrive at work to find that the lights in your cube are as brilliant as a sunny day. The lights dim and shift from an energizing bluish-white to a comforting amber as the day wears on naturally. 

Feeling more at ease and prepared to unwind, you reflect on how the illumination in your home office mimics that of the outside world on the way home. Although your coworkers seem to thrive in brightly illuminated cubicles all day, you've found that a more subdued environment is more conducive to your work. You can do all this and more using HCL and the Internet of Things.

With the help of IoT, you can use your smartphone or other mobile devices to manage the illumination in your dwelling, workplace, or specific room. To achieve the desired impact, your IoT device will send instructions to the linked LED fixtures to adjust their colour and brightness.

LED Light Fixture

Another possibility is to have the illumination systems work in tandem with the natural world so that the inside and outside lights are always in perfect harmony. With IoT, you can still physically adjust the lights if you need to do so briefly. There are options available to suit your preferences and way of living.

LEDs in Exterior Lighting

LED lighting devices are ideal for HCL and the IoT because of their precision and versatility. LEDs are preferred because they can be easily integrated into an existing HCL system and because they last a long time and consume little energy. The Internet of Things gadgets can also manage LEDs in exterior lighting.

When you combine HCL's concepts with modern innovative technology, the possibilities for personalization and bespoke illumination are virtually limitless. It is now possible to design a fully automated lighting system for your home or office that functions in harmony with your natural circadian rhythm and daily routine. HCL and IoT have enormous potential to benefit anyone interested in increasing their quality of life.

Applications of Human-Centered Lighting

In the same way natural light can make a room feel more welcoming, HCL can do the same for any space. Many organizations and people are conducting experiments to determine the effects of HCL on work, comfort, and health. Let's examine the different places HCL could be used and the individuals who might benefit from them. You'll see that HCL is a logical choice in many situations.

1. HealthCare

As HCL has been shown to aid circadian rhythms and promote restful sleep, it may play a pivotal role in healthcare by facilitating faster patient recovery. In addition to helping people feel better, HCL may also be helpful in the battle against depression.

Human Centric Lights

Residents of assisted living centres, who spend much of their time indoors and are therefore less likely to experience the light-dark cycles necessary to support their circadian rhythms, may benefit significantly from HCL. A person's mental health and general well-being may increase after installing a personal HCL system.

2. Educational Institutions

Learning is already difficult in a standard classroom but much more difficult when the lights are turned down. Unfortunately, many students spend their school days studying under artificial lights because most schools lack windows. 

Human Centric Lights

Fluorescent lighting was the norm for a long time, but now we know it can harm people. Then, the moment may have come to install HCL and replace fluorescent lighting in educational institutions.

3. Commercial Buildings

HCL may have a significant beneficial effect on the productivity, well-being, and comfort of night-shift employees. Businesses could use lights to ease workers into working in the dark, increasing output and precision. According to one ILO-commissioned research, brighter workplaces can boost output by 10% while cutting errors by 30%.

Human Centric Lights

The right illumination can also help reduce the exhaustion from repeatedly doing the same things. In sum, HCL is a tool that can help any business provide its workers with a more upbeat and pleasant environment at work.

4. Houses

There are a lot more things that people can do from the comfort of their own homes now, including shopping, entertainment, exercise, and socializing. Households can be made cosier and more enjoyable with well-placed illumination fixtures. Although there is no substitute for natural sunlight, there are ways to maximize the time spent indoors without sacrificing health or pleasure.

Human Centric Lights

The HCL lighting option is unquestionably one that should be explored. Since most people spend most of their time indoors, they need to figure out how to get enough light when needed. Scientists' current understanding suggests that HCL can serve as a viable substitute for daylight.

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