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Article: Elevate Your Home With Home Art Lights

Elevate Your Home With Home Art Lights - Ankur Lighting

Elevate Your Home With Home Art Lights

The lighting in a home plays a significant role in enhancing the atmosphere. It should be carefully designed to balance the room's practical needs and the residents' unique style. Different types of lighting placed strategically around the room help draw attention to the work zones and give the living area a distinct character set aside from the rest of the house.

From task lighting to ambient lighting, a well-designed and thoughtfully planned home should incorporate various types of lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. Every room in the house is different and requires different types of lighting to achieve the desired effect. 

For example, a living room should feature a combination of task lighting and accent lighting to highlight the seating area, while a kitchen should include task lighting over the countertop and cooking areas. Lighting is an essential part of any home design, both for aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Here are a few easy ways to decorate your home with the best lighting:

1. Lights that add colour to your home's decor

In high-end residences, a splash of colour in the form of decorative lighting can either amplify or dull the effect of the interior design. A room painted a dark colour can seem cramped, whereas painting it a brighter colour can make it appear larger. The colour temperature of a room's lighting can also significantly impact the ambience created there. It's best to choose a cold white colour during the day and warmer white colour at night, depending on the amount of natural light available.

Pendant Lights

2. Placement of Lights

Track Lights

Whether the aim is to illuminate the whole room or only a specific part of it, the placement of the lights must reflect this. In this respect, track lighting is a famous example, as it focuses on illuminating specific areas, such as a picture, vase, or the end of a bar or kitchen island. Recessed lighting is another type of directed lighting that uses focused vertical light beams to draw attention to a particular area or feature. Ceiling chandeliers are also excellent for providing led light over dining tables or during intimate conversations.


3. Taking Advantage of Daylight

Every homebuyer dreams of possessing one of the top luxury apartments, complete with stunning sights of the city and its surroundings and enough natural light. Natural light is the toughest to reproduce in terms of clarity and quality. Therefore it's crucial to make the best of it when possible. The use of glass in high-end dwellings is a move in this direction since it allows for dramatic cost savings and aesthetic improvements through natural light.

Natural Lights

4. Lights' practicality in various contexts

Practicality is a significant factor in determining how to illuminate a home's inside. Matching the kind of light fixture to its intended purpose is essential. The chandelier's superb lighting makes them ideal for open foyers, entryways, and central seating spaces. However, wall lights are suitable for illuminating a path because of the depth and breadth they impart to a room. Similarly, work desks and task-specific lighting make a great pair because the former is designed to illuminate the workspace while the latter illuminates the rest of the room.


5. Room size

A room appears smaller than it is. A mixture of artificial and natural light can be a welcome relief from the turmoil of rearranging furniture. Luxury homes benefit from plentiful natural light brought in through expansive windows and skylights with sheer drapes, which highlight the colours of the walls and bounce off reflective objects to create the illusion of more space. Wall scones, ceiling lights, and side lamps can brighten the rooms to make them seem more open and spacious when natural light is unavailable.

Wall Sconces

6. Fitting Style

It's wise to buy a set of ornamental lights for the house that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, ornate salt lights, pendants, vintage lighting fixtures, and the like can drastically alter a room's ambience for the better. It's also important to remember the room's scale and proportion so that you don't overdo it on the decorative accessories or the lighting.

Pendent Lights

Lighting is sometimes disregarded when planning the interior design of a home to reflect the owners' personalities. Adding the requisite charm to high-end homes could be less of a pipe dream if residents had a better grasp on the complexities involved in using home décor lights.

Mistakes in home design and decoration can be very disconcerting to the human mind. It has the potential to be depressing as well. It is why it's so important for designers to focus on the tiniest of details while creating a comfortable and relaxing home for their clients. It is possible to spoil the colour scheme of your living room, no matter how tastefully decorated it is, by adding something as simple as a vase with garish colours and patterns. The subconscious mind and the eyes both experience significant disruption due to this.

The furnishings of a home may not have much of an effect on the ambience, but this is not the case. Decor element of the proper colour, size, and placement, therefore, has a significant impact on our mental, emotional, behavioural, and physical health. We spend so much time indoors and in our own houses that decor elements that help us feel joyful, peaceful, and at ease can significantly impact our overall quality of life.

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