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Article: Easy and Affordable Summer Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Easy and Affordable Summer Lighting Ideas for Your Home - Ankur Lighting

Easy and Affordable Summer Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Lighting is crucial when we want our home to seem light and airy in the summer. Finding simple and inexpensive lighting solutions is essential whether you're entertaining guests, spending quiet nights at home, or just trying to improve the atmosphere in your space. 

Let's look at some actionable advice that can be used to enhance your house's lighting in a budget-friendly way. Make your home a relaxing summer getaway using natural light and installing elegant lighting fixtures. Let's look at some simple and inexpensive summer lighting options for your house.

Utilise the Full Potential of Sunlight

During the warmer months, natural light brings several advantages to your space and its aesthetic value. Some essential considerations are as follows:

  • A place flooded with natural light seems more homey and welcoming. It amplifies the hues and textures in your space to make it seem more alive.
  • Sunlight has been shown to have a beneficial effect on mood and overall health. It stimulates vitamin D synthesis, makes you feel happier and more energised by increasing your serotonin levels, and regulates your circadian cycle.
  • You may save money on energy bills and minimise your carbon footprint by making better use of natural light throughout the day.

Here are some ways to improve the lighting in your home or office:

  • Make sure your windows are spotless to let the most light in. To prevent sunlight from being blocked by dust and filth, windows should be cleaned often.
  • Choose sheer or light-coloured drapes so that some natural light may enter the room. Curtains that are too thick or dark in colour should be avoided since they reduce the amount of natural light entering a room. You may keep curtains from blocking the view throughout the day using tiebacks or curtain clips.

Position Lights for Maximum Effect

Proper lighting is crucial when designing the atmosphere and usefulness of various rooms in your home. Floor, table, and desk lights may be strategically placed to improve a room's ambience and functionality. Some suggestions regarding where to put lights for maximum effect:


  • Light up your couches, armchairs, and reading nooks with floor lamps or table lights. The soft, comforting light from these lamps is ideal for reading or unwinding on sunny nights. Lighting may be directed precisely where it's needed by using lamps with pivoting heads.


  • Lighting is essential in home study or office spaces for reading, writing, and computer work. It's helpful to have a desk lamp that can be adjusted to provide a narrow beam of light in your work area. Try to get lights with a flexible arm or gooseneck so you can direct the light where you need it.


  • In addition to functional lighting, ambient lighting is crucial in setting moods in various spaces. To accomplish this, use overhead lighting, floor lights, and table lamps. Try several setups to see what works best for softening the light and eliminating hot spots throughout the space.


  • Accent lighting may draw attention to specific architectural details or decorative elements. You may do this with some little table lights or wall sconces. Accent lighting improves your interiors' overall sense of style by adding depth and visual fascination.

Upgrade Outdated Lighting

The lighting fixtures may have a significant effect on the mood and look of a room. The ambience of a space may be quickly brightened by replacing obsolete fixtures with sleek and contemporary ones. In addition to minimising your carbon footprint and utility bills, energy-efficient upgrades may save you money. When planning a change to your lighting, think about the following:

  • The mood of a space may be affected by the kind, design, and location of its lighting. Adding personality to a room is as simple as selecting fittings that reflect your preferred style. Over a dining table, for instance, a pendant light may serve as a decorative focal point, while flush-mount fixtures give a space a modern, unobtrusive feel.
  • Changing out inefficient light bulbs with newer, more cost-effective ones helps the planet and saves money. For instance, unlike conventional incandescent lamps, LED lighting fixtures use substantially less energy and last significantly longer. 
  • Changing out your lighting fixtures doesn't have to break the bank. Think about using pendant lights, which can be found in various designs and materials and give a sleek and fashionable appearance. Flush-mount lights are a great option to illuminate lower-ceilinged spaces without breaking the bank. 


  • Do-it-yourself makeovers of existing fixtures are an option if you're feeling crafty. A simple coat of paint or new lamp shades may do wonders for a fixture's aesthetic. You may get ideas and instructional guides on restoring or reusing preexisting fittings to achieve a specific look and feel.

Using LED Strips

LED strip lights are a flexible and cost-effective lighting option that can dramatically alter the ambience of any interior. They're versatile, simple to set up, and open to various imaginative applications. LED strip lights are available in multiple hues, luminosities, and dimensions. They are a favourite among homeowners because of their low price and high value.


LED strip lights' capacity to provide soft, ambient lighting in various rooms is a significant benefit. Installing them along the sides of cupboards or beneath furniture may make a room seem more cosy and welcoming. These lights may draw attention to specific decor, create a mood, or serve a practical purpose.

To appreciate the summer, creating a bright and pleasant inside environment is vital. The appropriate lighting can do wonders for your home's aesthetic, mood, and the welcome you and your guests experience when you invite them in. You may turn your home's interior into a relaxing summer getaway by playing around with lighting choices and letting your imagination run wild.

Several simple and unique inexpensive ways to make your house more inviting, from maximising natural light to replacing light fixtures and adding LED strip lights. All the suggestions have a special appeal, and you may modify them to fit your tastes and preferences.

Get into the spirit of summer by trying out new lighting fixtures and creating bright, airy rooms. Turn on the lights to give your house a warm and welcoming vibe. Now is the time to set your imagination to go wild and build a summer home you will never forget from Ankur Lighting.

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