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Article: 7 things interior designers don't tell you about lighting

7 things interior designers don't tell you about lighting

An interior design without a lighting expert is like going out for dinner and eating only what's in the breadbasket. Expert lighting adds another dimension to your space where the lighting brings life to the designs. Great lighting adds depth, and cosy spots, and grabs attention to your special places. The right balance of the lights adds new life to the interior design.

1. Give high priority to lighting

Lighting plays a significant aspect in interior designs equally with all other aspects. Good lighting makes changes and transforms your space beautifully. Make use of light and shade to make your space feel comfortable as well as dramatic and atmospheric. 

For instance, highlighting the artwork on a wall makes use of downlight which draws eyes to the paintings. The right combination of downlights, wall lights, floor lights, and feature lights, adds vast interest and depth to your room space.

2. Focus on both natural and artificial light

Natural light brightens your room space and makes it look larger. Natural light varies throughout the day wherein in the morning the sunlight may pour into your room and begins to settle in for dinner. 

Add the right lighting for a pleasant ambience. Invest in lights with dimming settings to add a brighter touch in the day to mimic the outside world whereas tone down when the time for bed. A better balance is the key to avoiding overwhelming yourself. Add the right lighting strategies to make your room space that raises your spirits for a better experience.

3. Yellow light vs white light

Yellow light in other words called as warm light which is more relaxing for your eyes and offers a pleasant touch. Yellow light is a perfect choice for reading and finishing tasks that greatly need stability. Add yellow colour light to your space where you often relax and read which includes a living room and bedroom. 

Yellow light has a significant benefit which doesn't do any harm to melatonin production in your body, as a result, it makes you feel comfortable and sleepy. The reason behind this is that your brain connects these yellow lights with the sunset and perceives it as a night time which makes your place cosy and friendly.

White light is often considered cold light which holds more intensive properties. White lights make you more attentive and focused during the daytime. And hence it is a perfect solution for commercial and workspaces. You can also make use of these white lights in our home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. 

White Lights greatly improve your learning performance with better concentration and they are not the right choice for a relaxing. An alternate choice of white light in the case of the too harsh to eyes is the yellowish-white. In addition, you can go for modern LEDs with adjustable CCT. Remember intermediate CCT enhances your performance on the other hand too high levels will decrease your performance to a greater extent. High levels make you feel tired and irritated and pose a great threat in the long run.

4. Bright lights are not always better

Each room in your home is meant for a different purpose and the choice of lighting should reflect that. Some room spaces in your home require task-oriented lighting, especially in the kitchen or laundry room. Living rooms require more indirect and overall lights. 

According to the space the type of fixtures, lighting intensity, and lighting location, greatly differs to fit the space's needs. Layer your lighting with multiple light sources in each room depending on the natural light in every room. Start with a primary light source such as overhead lighting and then add secondary light sources such as accent lamps or task lights for the best lighting in your house.

5. LEDs are the way to go

Undoubtedly LEDs are unavoidable in modern living. LED provides more light with less power consumption than regular incandescent bulbs. Thereby LEDs are more efficient and they last longer than conventional bulbs. 


LED bulbs are more environmentally friendly and they are so bright when compared to incandescent bulbs. LED lights can be turned on and off instantly and are capable of withstanding frequent switching. LEDs are perfect to work on even in low voltage and they support dimming functionalities.

6. Avoid mix and match

Don't put too many things in one room which could cause a lot of confusion and discomfort. Start with your favourites and essential lighting fixtures for illumination. Then go for options only if needed. Don't go for lighting and fixtures based on only looks. Ensure they are cohesive.

Consider a functioning part that plays a significant role in lighting. Make a start by defining how your space will be used. Make sure you choose the lighting fixtures that serve well with the purpose and appeal.

7. Home lighting system

Lighting fixtures come in different styles and patterns and choosing the right light is the most complicated part. Lighting is capable of changing the moods of a room and that's why people feel more welcome in certain spaces. Pick the right choice of lighting fixtures to complement your interiors as well as your dream space. It is an investment.

Some of the common interior design aspects are their placement and the type of fixtures. But other aspects like colour selection, room size, availability of natural light, and furniture must be carefully chosen. Right lighting simply transforms a room into a picture-perfect combination of functionality as well as style. Choose your light fixtures with superior quality and high performance. Make your home stand out from others with proper home lighting fixtures and the perfect choice of furniture.

Your home should speak more about you and it should be a personal memoir of your trips, your love, and life. Bring all the things you love which makes your home a unique oasis capable of welcoming you at the end of the hard day as well as telling a fascinating story to your guest. Make sure you choose the lighting fixtures that blend perfectly with your home decor and add a more pleasant ambience without being odd.

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