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The ultra-modern, seemingly alive ANKUR P60493XL exclusive Italian Chandelier is part of the ANKUR REGALO collection of decorative lighting. It’s mesmerizing organic effect is created by hundreds of illuminated lengths of draped nickel chain. Like water in the ocean, ANKUR P60493′s appear liquid, cascading over it’s black nickel bands and falling down towards the Abyss before turning back into itself. It is composed of miles of chain, meticulously hand-crafted by master Italian artisans. Designed by renowned Italian Designer Barlas Baylar.

Ankur Lighting Regalo Collection
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Product Description

ANKUR P60493  comes in many sizes — Small (ANKUR P60493S), Medium (ANKUR P60493M), Large (ANKUR P60493L) and Extra Large (ANKUR P60493XL). There’s also options to source it in two colors – Classic Champagne or  Contemporary Black (as shown in the picture). The extra-large (XL) size could be used as the masterpiece in the Entrance or Foyer area of your home or luxury hotel. The smaller sizes are perfect for your entertaining or sitting areas.


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