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We offer complete lighting solutions!

Manufactures, Wholesalers and Retailers of Quality Residential, Commercial and Utility Lighting.

Commercial Lighting

ANKUR LIGHTING is the amongst the leader in providing high quality, long lasting lighting fixtures suitable for offices and retail outlets. We have a comprehensive range of conventional CFL, CDMT and cutting edge LED solutions that can literally resolve any lighting requirement there is.
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Decorative Lighting

Need a one-of-a-kind Chandelier that goes well with your exclusive style of living? ANKUR LIGHTING has decorative lighting for homes and work places that can fit any budget and will conform to the ambiance one’s trying to achieve.  Be it beautiful crystal-laden wall light or professionally designed Italian chandelier made completely out of nickel, we offer fancy, yet functional lighting to add that bit of a spice missing in your living or working environment.
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New Generation LED Lighting

The LEDs have earned their respect in the world of lighting. As the technology evolves, it continues to refine the “Lumens / Watt” ratio that the world so desperately seeks. ANKUR LIGHTING keeps itself up-to-date with the latest in LED technology and offers unlimited solutions to any customer demand in home based or commercial based lighting — from 1W to 50W; Downlighters to track based focus lights — we’ve got it all!
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Product of the month – January 2016

ANKUR P60493

Designer Chandelier

The ultra-exquisite, part of the top Italian designer collection Chandelier series, ANKUR P60493 is guaranteed to be a topic of  discussion at your usual social gatherings. It is the latest proud member of our exclusive ANKUR REGALO COLLECTION of decorative lighting, with the same motto to serving to top, unadulterated style. 

Italian Ergonomic

The hand-crafted Italian Chandelier is composed of miles of nickel chains, giving an organic effect as water in the ocean. The nickel and iron material used in the making of the Chandelier is meant to last for generations, maintaining it’s luster given usual care.

Plenty of applications

ANKUR P60493 comes in 4 different sizes. There’s also options to source it in two colors – Classic Champagne or  Contemporary Black (as shown in the picture). The extra-large (XL) size could be used as the masterpiece in the Entrance or Foyer area of your home or luxury hotel. The smaller sizes are perfect for your entertaining or sitting areas.

Video Campaign

Marketing video campaign launched in 2001. Latest videos coming soon!

Some of our satisfied clients

Ankur Lighting has helped millions of customers with lighting their homes and offices. We have had the pleasure to serve individuals from Members of Parliament to Celebrities to the corporations in the Dow 50.
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